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Regular Exercise Makes a Big Difference for those with Parkinson’s Disease

The effects of remaining physically active throughout aging are tremendous, but for people that have Parkinson’s, it could truly be a game-changer within the progression associated with the disease. Several recent studies are discovering direct links between exercise and Parkinson’s, including the largest, most recent clinical study, in which patients who exercised at least 2½ hours per week achieved a higher total well-being compared to those who refrained from physical exercise. And that is only the beginning. Continue reading “Regular Exercise Makes a Big Difference for those with Parkinson’s Disease” »

Are Your Senior Loved Ones Getting the Nutrition They Need?

Remember weekend family dinners, when everyone came together at grandma’s house round the table to have a hearty meal, chitchat, and laugh? Regrettably, with a majority of families now living a fair distance away from their older relatives, and with so many pressing needs pulling us in different directions, it’s difficult to keep the Sunday dinner tradition – and it could be one of the countless factors adding to the dramatic rise in senior malnutrition. Continue reading “Are Your Senior Loved Ones Getting the Nutrition They Need?” »

New Alzheimer’s Research: The Problem May Be the Solution

For those who follow the latest research in Alzheimer’s disease, we are all too familiar with amyloid plaques, the troublesome buildup thought to be linked to Alzheimer’s. But could it conceivably be that amyloid plaques are actually part of the solution? Continue reading “New Alzheimer’s Research: The Problem May Be the Solution” »

Food For Thought: The Best Diet Plan for Seniors’ Mental Health

The remarkable results of the latest AARP study are in: those who maintain a healthy diet are twice as apt to consider their mental acuity to be very good or excellent compared to those who rarely eat well. In particular, a diet rich in fish, vegetables and fruits equated to better brain health. Continue reading “Food For Thought: The Best Diet Plan for Seniors’ Mental Health” »

Make Every Minute Count – Tips for Visiting a Loved One with Alzheimer’s

It may sometimes be just a little intimidating to know exactly what to say and how to act when spending some time with a family member with Alzheimer’s. And, sadly, due to a few inherent symptoms of the condition, often friends and family feel so uncomfortable they avoid visiting with the person at all. Understanding more about the disease and what things to anticipate, and planning ahead about the best way to manage challenging behaviors, can really help. Continue reading “Make Every Minute Count – Tips for Visiting a Loved One with Alzheimer’s” »

Simple Strategies to Turn A Bad Day into a Great Day

“It’s just been one of those days,” we sometimes lament, shrugging our shoulders despondently. After all, things happen that are entirely out of our control, and some days they all feel like they happen at exactly the same time – making us wish we had decided to simply stay in bed! But the truth is, there actually are steps we can all choose to take to turn those tough days around, and even find purpose and meaning within our challenging experiences. Continue reading “Simple Strategies to Turn A Bad Day into a Great Day” »

The Latest Vision Loss Technologies

Blind person holding white caneAffecting an incredible number of Americans, vision loss is as varied as the individuals who experience it – from simply the need to don a pair of reading glasses to scan through the morning newspaper, to total blindness. And it’s a lot more prevalent in older adults, with one out of every three elders over age 65 experiencing some type of eye disease that affects vision, like glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, as well as others. Thankfully, just like so many other challenging conditions, technology continues to explode with choices to improve wellbeing for people experiencing vision problems. Just take a quick look at a few of the vision enhancement tools that are already available: Continue reading “The Latest Vision Loss Technologies” »

The Best Way to Address Senior Money Management

Mature Woman Helping Senior Neighbor With Home FinancesIt’s a sensitive topic to discuss with aging parents, but one which has to be resolved at some point: finances. Many adult children are hesitant to get involved with parents’ financial matters until there’s a desperate need, but starting up the conversation ahead of the need provides ample chance to ensure everything is in order. Continue reading “The Best Way to Address Senior Money Management” »

Hurtful Things You Should Avoid Saying to Your Aging Parents

Shocking news.It is always best to tell the truth, right? But there are times when some truths are better left unsaid or at least worded more positively, particularly when communicating with aging loved ones. Although we might have the finest of intentions in attempting to help older adults navigate life, we can help prevent hurt feelings in our loved ones by rethinking statements like the following: Continue reading “Hurtful Things You Should Avoid Saying to Your Aging Parents” »

Dividing Caregiving Costs Without Splitting Up the Family

Remember how hard it could be as a child to learn the lesson of sharing with your siblings? Even though the importance of considering others’ feelings, and of being fair, was impressed upon us at an early age, it can still be a challenge to minimize sibling squabbles when it comes to difficult decisions we face in adulthood – such as how to fairly divide care requirements for our aging parents. Continue reading “Dividing Caregiving Costs Without Splitting Up the Family” »

Home Health & Hospice Care

  • Alliance Home Health Care understands the difficulties associated with in-home care. Our nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, medical social workers, dietitians, and home health aides work closely with a patient’s physician to establish a proper treatment plan.
  • Our hospice care services are designed to help our patients live each day to the fullest extent possible in your home—and to provide comfort and support to their families as well. Patients receive visits as needed, and the hospice team is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week for support and care, as needed.
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