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Chronic Osteoarthritis Pain Has Met Its Match!

Osteoarthritis PainIt’s a club no one wants to be a part of; however, as many as 10 million Americans have become members: sharing a diagnosis of osteoarthritis . Caused by the wearing away of cartilage over time, osteoarthritis often has an effect on larger joints, such as the knees, and can be debilitating to a senior’s total well-being. With three primary recommended treatment options – over-the-counter drugs to decrease inflammation such as ibuprofen, prescription painkillers such as tramadol, or physical therapy – many people with osteoarthritis have resigned themselves to a lifetime of limping, suffering, modified activity levels, and of course, chronic pain.

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How to Create a Better Senior Healthcare Experience for Yourself

Senior HealthcareIn an idealistic world, medical care would revolve around you and your own preferences, following your specific needs and wishes – fitting into your itinerary and routine, unhindered by issues like an unwavering healthcare professional who sees health care options in black and white. Reality is far from perfect though, and quite a few of us choose to submit to doctors’ orders without any thought that there might be a better-suited alternative. Continue reading “How to Create a Better Senior Healthcare Experience for Yourself” »

When Those with Dementia Break the Law

dementiaIt is shocking – a sweet, elderly, sometimes disoriented grandmother with Alzheimer’s getting handcuffed and placed under arrest. But nevertheless, that very scene is occurring at a frightening rate among elderly people, around 100,000 of them, according to the latest stats – an increase of almost 30% in the past decade. This dramatic increase in arrests of the elderly could be in part due to the increase in the population of the elderly, as well as the rise in medical diagnoses of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Continue reading “When Those with Dementia Break the Law” »

When Family Dynamics Impact Senior Care

Family DynamicsIf you ever watched episodes of The Waltons, you saw a family that had endless patience with each other, a family that stuck together through every situation, and a family that practiced unconditional love. But if your family members are similar to most, there’s undoubtedly some level of dysfunction, some leftover diehard sibling rivalry, and in many cases some lingering competitiveness to be Mom’s and Dad’s favorite. These sorts of family dynamics can be aggravated as parent’s senior care needs increase and family members are forced to work together, resurfacing old childhood issues. Continue reading “When Family Dynamics Impact Senior Care” »

Could Insomnia Be Linked to Alzheimer’s?

Woman with InsomniaTossing and turning, overthinking and worrying are all too common in older adults who struggle with falling – and staying – asleep. Except for feeling a bit foggy the following morning, however, as well as feeling the need for an afternoon nap to catch up on lost sleep, the actual effects have seemed marginal. That is, until research recently indicated a potential link between insomnia and Alzheimer’s disease. Continue reading “Could Insomnia Be Linked to Alzheimer’s?” »

How to Care for Aging Parents Without Overprotecting

Man talking with parentsIt is an amazing feeling to know that you are protected, safe and cared for. Dads and moms thrive on making certain their kids are enveloped within the comfort of understanding their needs will be fulfilled, providing the safety net that allows them the self-confidence to explore the world about them. However there comes a phase in all children’s lives when the craving for freedom is more compelling than the benefit of protection, and they have to discover firsthand what it really means to stumble, fall and get back up again independently. Continue reading “How to Care for Aging Parents Without Overprotecting” »

Don’t Let a Medicare Medication Denial Get You Down. Learn How to Appeal.

With older adults taking, on average, an astounding 15 – 18 prescription medications, Medicare coverage of these drugs is often crucial. And with a typical pricetag of more than $11,000 annually for the most common medications prescribed for the elderly, it can be devastating when Medicare suddenly denies coverage. And yet, that’s happening more and more frequently as Medicare plans are increasingly imposing coverage limitations on seniors – often outside of approval from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Continue reading “Don’t Let a Medicare Medication Denial Get You Down. Learn How to Appeal.” »

Insider Tips to Plan for a Vacation with a Senior Loved One

How we love the excitement of summer vacations! Exploring new destinations, leaving the worries of our everyday world behind, checking items off our bucket lists. And helping a senior loved one enjoy such a thrill makes it all the better. There are, however, some special considerations to keep in mind that can help pave the way to a successful vacation with a senior loved one: Continue reading “Insider Tips to Plan for a Vacation with a Senior Loved One” »

Dementia Care Tips: How to Handle Homesickness

As the saying goes, there’s no place like home; but what do you do when someone you love and care for insists on going home – when that person already IS home? Unfortunately, when caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, this is an all too common conundrum. And the confusion and plaintive longing being expressed are nothing short of heartbreaking – and, if we’re honest, frustrating. Continue reading “Dementia Care Tips: How to Handle Homesickness” »

The Aging of the Sandwich Generation: Meet the Boomerangs

Sandwich generation We’re living longer than ever before, thanks to incredible advances in science and medicine, and as a result, the sandwich generation (those caring for children and parents simultaneously) are finding a new niche as they age: the boomerang generation.

“Aging together” is the descriptor for older adults whose parents are still living and requiring care. The result is a wave of seniors uprooting and relocating after retirement to live, once again, in close proximity to their elderly parents. And in some cases, the senior child is struggling with his or her own health issues, further complicating the dynamics and creating a greater risk for caregiver burnout – on both sides of the equation. Continue reading “The Aging of the Sandwich Generation: Meet the Boomerangs” »

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